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Outdoor/Casual wear
    The main requirement of outdoor wear is waterproof, which is the basic requirement. The waterproof fabric can pass the standard rain test as the buyer requests. The second important characteristic is windproof. Some outdoor activities, such as hiking, skiing or gliding are engaged in an environment with high speed wind. In order o keep the body temperature, the fabric with windproof is essential. Apart from waterproof and windproof, there are some other additional requirements, for example, breathable characteristic, which can keep the body dry and comfortable, and wicking characteristic. With both advantages, people wearing the clothes made of this fabric can enjoy the outdoor activities without making themselves sweaty and stinky, but their skins can be very comfortable and breathe. As the technique progress, most of fabric is artificial fiber. Our main clients of this product are khol's, Dillard's, Tommy Hilfiger…etc.
    This kind of fabric is elastic fabric. In the producing process, the ductility of fabric will be changed by adding spandex fiber or taking advantage of the weaving way of yarn and twist nature. Normally, adding 5%-20% spandex fiber mixing with other main fiber will change the fabric construction. Garments made of this kind of fabric have many advantages, such as fitness to the body shape, mobility of body, and easiness to wear. The main clients include New Balance, Russell…etc.
    In order to meet the sports requirement, most sportswear use multi-function fabric, including wicking, breathable, quick dry, waterproof, windproof, and anti-UV…etc, and also there are various selection of thickness in accordance to different seasons. Mostly fabric is used to produce golf wind-shirt, tearaway pants, vest and jogging suit. The clients include world-known sports brands, Reebok, Speedo…etc.
Children wear
    The fabric of this series is mainly made of Cotton, Cotton/Nylon. The Peached finish has an advantage of comfortable handfeel and crinkle free. Most of the garment function of this fabric is for children pants. The fabric can be made in sold or print. Solid color has various options of colors, and the print is famous for its good quality. The main clients are Oshkosh, Carter's, Macy's, GAP, and Old Navy Kid's…etc.
Beach wear
    Beach wear The fabric for beach wear is mainly made of Polyester with W/R (Water Repellent) and Peached finish. The W/R effect comes from specific chemical treatments, which enables water that drops on the surface become bead-shape, with no permeating and spreading that wet the fabric. It is also called Lotus Effect. The Peached effect will make the handfeel of fabric more smooth and soft, make more comfortable when wearing it. The function of this fabric is mostly for beach trunk, which can be made for solid or print. The main clients are Macy's, Dillard's, OP, Nautica…etc.